Jimmy Ryce's killer to face lethal injection on Wednesday

By Rebecca Walezak,

Juan Carlos Chave, 46, will face lethal injection Wednesday at the Florida State Prison in Starke over 18 years after murdering Jimmy Ryce.

The Ryce family said that the upcoming death penalty will help them feel that justice has been served.

Chavez abducted Ryce at gunpoint when he was heading home on his school bus back in September 1995. In his trial, Chavez was accused and proven guilty murder, sexual battery and kidnapping, reports Fox News.

Three months after the murder, Chavez’s landlady found Ryce’s school bag in Chavez’s home. Chavez then confessed to the murder and led police to Ryce’s remains.

To help them through the hard times, the family created the Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction, a nonprofit group set out to spread awareness about predators.

However, the family troubles remained, according to ABC 15, as Jimmy Ryce’s mother died of a heart attack in 2009 and his sister committed suicide last year.



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