Joan Mondale, wife of former Vice-President Walter Mondale, dies at 83

By Kyle Johnson,

Former Vice-President Walter Mondale's wife, Joan Mondale, passed away at the age of 83 on Monday.

She had entered hospice care Friday and later passed on Monday while Walter and their two sons, Ted and William, were present, reports Reuters.

In a statement, Walter said, "We are grateful for the expressions of love and support we have received. Joan was greatly loved by many. We will miss her dearly."

According to The Washington Post, her cause of death was not disclosed.

During Mondale's husband's political career she was often visibly by his side and was a fan of promoting the fine arts, which led to the nickname "Joan of Art."

She had liked to call her a "traditional political wife." Due to her devotion to arts, President Jimmy Carter named her an honorary chairman to the Federal Council on the Arts and Humanities.

In addition to her arts focus, Mondale also lobbied for the Equal Rights Amendment as she wanted equal pay for both men and women.

Frank Stella, an American painter, previously told the Post, "She is generous and straightforward." He added, "She relates well to artists and makes everybody feel good."

image: Wikimedia Commons



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