John Mayer defends Shia LaBeouf's strange behavior

By Rachel Grant,
Mayer says that LaBeouf is "young"

Shia LaBeouf has someone standing by his side in light of his recent questionable behavior.

John Mayer took to his Twitter page Wednesday morning to stand up for LaBeouf. In a Twitter rant of sorts, Mayer posted multiple tweets about his feelings toward LaBeouf's behavior, and how everyone has been taking it.

"Re:Shia. Being young and very talented/successful is like dropping in to the top of Mt. Everest via helicopter", Mayer said in his first tweet regarding LaBeouf.

"There are moments in life when you need to feel quantum shift, movement. And if where you already are is considered the top..."

He then added in another continued tweet, "...the dumb people disintegrate, and the smart people investigate. That investigation is never comfortable. Or all that pretty."

According to E Online, though, Mayer is the only person standing up for LaBeouf.

Emile Hirsch mocked LaBeouf early Thursday, taking to his Twitter, saying "I WAS NEVER FAMOUS TO BEGIN WITH."

According to NY Daily News, LaBeouf's wacky behavior is allegedly in support of his "#IAMSORRY" performance piece, in which he wears different bags over his head, and sits at a table and cries.

The piece will take place until Sunday at the Cohen Gallery.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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