Judge Judy Sheindlin will air new show in fall 2014

By Amanda Levine,

Everyone knows who Judge Judy is. Not only is her television show Judge Judy one of the top daytime programs on the air, but her of feistiness is never overlooked. Fans of the show will be thrilled because Judy Sheindlin has created a new court case show, called Hot Bench, that will air in the fall.

The Associated Press reports that the show will feature not a one-person bench, but a trio of one judge and two attorneys.

Sheindlin stated that she got the idea for the show when she took a trip with her husband to Ireland. Entertainment Weekly quoted Sheindlin in a statement where she said, "When my husband Jerry and I were in Ireland recently, we visited the courts and watched a three judge bench, which I found both fascinating and compelling.”

Sheindlin went on to say how she believed bringing this idea of a three-judge bench to the U.S. would bring court-case television programming to a whole other level from where it currently is.

The judge (Patricia DiMango) and attorneys (Tanya Acker and Larry Bakman) who have been picked for the show have all been selected because of their background work, experience and chemistry together.

Be on the lookout for Hot Bench which will be the newest afternoon court show in fall 2014.

Image: CBS



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