Jury continues deliberations in Florida loud music murder trial

By Kyle Johnson,

Saturday began the fourth day of deliberations for a Florida jury over the loud music murder trial, and the jury asked the judge questions before continuing.

The jury submitted three questions relating to the murder trial of Michael Dunn, who is accused of shooting at four unarmed teenagers in 2012 and killing one after an argument over the youths listening to loud music in a SUV got out of control, reports CNN. Dunn claimed self-defense, despite none of the teenagers being armed.

The jury asked if the application of self-defense should be made for each person, which the judge answered in the affirmative. Another was, "Are we determining if deadly force is justified against each person in each count?" The judge also answered yes.

The third question continued in that vein and wondered if deadly force is found to be justified against one victim, "is it justified against the others?" The judge said no, adding that "self-defense and justifiable use of deadly force applies separately to each count."

According to Reuters, Dunn's murder trial has seen interest due to the fact that the four teenagers he shot at are black, while he is white.

He has testified that he fired the 10 shots at their SUV after he thought he saw a gun in the back window.

Dunn's gunshots killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis; he contended that Davis swore at him during the argument.

Dunn has been charged with one count of firing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle, first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder.



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