Justin Bieber changes name to 'Bizzle' on Instagram briefly

By Vannessa Jackson ,

Just when you think Justin Bieber can’t pull anymore insane stunts, he changes his name. Bieber renamed himself Bizzle on Instagram over the weekend.

For all of the diehard "Beliebers" out there, there is nothing to worry about. Us Weekly reports that Bieber has said this change is just “for now.”

In the meantime, Bieber himself does have something to worry about, because the name Bizzle already belongs to another musician. MTV reports that the name is already owned by UK rapper Lethal Bizzle, who is none too pleased to be sharing with the 19-year-old pop star.

Bizzle took to his Facebook page on Monday to comment on the situation with a split-screen photo of Bieber's mug shot and Bizzle's disgusted face, with a caption of “Leeeeeve it yeah.”

However, name changes are not outside the norm for celebrities. Many musicians such as P-Diddy, Snoop Dogg, and Lady Gaga changed their name for the sake of their career.

This might just be the first step for a new and improved Justin Bizzle.

UPDATE: It appears that Justin Bieber changed his name back to normal on Instagram, but still boasts the @bizzle username on Shots, an app that only allows you to take selfies (not surprisingly, funded by Bieber).

image: Getty Images/image.net



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