Justin Bieber could be deported if convicted in egging case (Report)

By Daniel S Levine,

If Justin Bieber does get convicted of a crime for allegedly egging his neighbor's house and causing thousands of dollars of damage, he could be deported.

Last week, it was confirmed that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department did send the case to the district attorney, who will then decide if Bieber should face charges for the Jan. 9 incident. The Canadian “Baby” singer allegedly threw eggs at his neighbor's house, causing $20,000 in damage, which could make the crime a felony.

TMZ is reporting that there is plenty of evidence against Bieber, according to the site’s sources. First, there’s surveillance video that police obtained during the raid of the singer’s house. It does show Bieber near his neighbor’s home during the egging. TMZ also acquired a video that features a person that sounds like Bieber yelled at the neighbor, “F*** you! I got another one for you actually.”

Next, not only did the neighbor see the attack, but so did the person’s 13-year-old daughter, who called 911.

On Tuesday, TMZ noted that Bieber could get deported if he’s convicted of a felony for the incident. He currently has an O-1 Work Permit to work in the U.S., but that could be taken away if he’s convicted of a crime of “moral turpitude,” including ones involving “malicious destruction of property.” An egging prank that causes $20,000 in damage certainly qualifies for that.

The DA is expected to make a decision this week. He could still decide to charge Bieber with a misdemeanor.

image: ABC



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