Justin Bieber rents house in Atlanta

By Francisco Flores,
Bieber moves into famed record producer's house for three months

Justin Bieber is finally moving out of Los Angeles…for now.

TMZ reported that the 19-year-old trainwreck has recently rented a spaceship-like house in Atlanta, Ga.

After constant battles with neighbors, the move comes at no surprise. Bieber is in the middle of a legal battle after allegedly throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house.

The Huffington Post reported that neighbors have also complained that he drives at reckless speeds in his lavish sports cars. He is also known to have giant parties that are littered with drugs and alcohol.

The house Bieber rented in Atlanta belongs to Dallas Austin, a famed record producer who has worked with the late Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men and P!nk. The four-bedroom house resembles a shape like a ship right out of Star Trek.

He is currently renting the space for three months while he works on his next album. He is also still looking for a place to call his home permanently in the ATL to be closer to his famous mentor, Usher.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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