Justin Bieber seems to be having a lot of fun with strippers lately

By Gina Masilotti,

It’s already been a rough year for 19-year-old pop star Justin Bieber. After recently being arrested for a DUI, it seems the singer has been keeping busy with strippers. Images, and apparently a video, are beginning to surface on the Internet of the singer having fun with some strippers.

A racy photo of Bieber and pal, Khalil Sharieff, who was his partner in crime for his recent arrest, and a stripper has been seen all over the Internet. A censored version and an uncensored version have both been making their way around social media and news sites. Apparently the two were having a lot of fun with this stripper, getting really up close and personal.

TMZ obtained a photo of the two indulging in the woman’s boobs, with their tongues and teeth. Bieber’s eyes are closed, which caused some people to question if this was really him at first, but sources have confirmed that it is definitely him, which isn’t completely shocking considering all the singer's been caught doing lately. The woman’s face isn’t visible in the photo, but her two tattoos, one of a rainbow and one of the Playboy Bunny, are in full view considering her lack of clothing. We can only assume Bieber is a fan of tattoos on girls just as much as he is on getting them himself.

Sources at the party told TMZ that the woman was “old enough to be Justin’s mother.” There was a party in an L.A. recording studio and the photographed stripper was hired to perform for Bieber and friends. It is unclear when the crazy night took place, but sources believe it was before the two were arrested, which took place in Miami on Jan. 23. It's too bad the images are surfacing now, when Bieber has a lot more serious issues going on.

Besides this racy stripper photo, rumors have been circling that there could be footage of an X-rated tape with Bieber and a stripper. According to RadarOnline, the footage is said to be from a surveillance camera at a strip club in Australia. The video is not a sex tape, but it is definitely X-rated. It’s claimed to be 12 minutes and perfectly clear, so it’s obvious it’s actually Bieber in the tape. He is seen "with two strippers during which he spanks their bum and pulls their panties with his teeth,” said a source to Radar after watching the entire footage.

In a still image provided to Radar, Bieber is seen with two topless strippers. The rest of the video has him interacting in many different positions with the topless girls but Bieber was definitely unaware it was being recorded on the venue’s in-house security camera. The video was recorded back in November, and the seller is trying to get a lot of money for the video, which is being shopped to various media outlets.

As if things weren’t already going poorly for the singer this year, now these two acts with strippers are coming back to haunt him.

image: ABC



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