Justin Bieber's mother shows her worry for her troubled teen

By Francisco Flores,
Pattie Mallette voices her concern for her only son

Justin Bieber’s mother is worried about his career, life and well-being. He has had one tough year, and it is only February. Though many people want to see him fail, his mother wants nothing but the best for the troubled teen.

According to Acess Hollywood, Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, has become deeply concerned with his recent troubles as he continues to make headlines for the wrong reasons.

The article's source says Mallette “wishes people would remember that she made it through extremely trying times and know that Justin will too.” Mallette, who had Justin at a very young age, struggled to make ends meet. At one point, she worked three jobs just to support her family.

Though she has yet to comment directly about Bieber’s arrest back in January, she shows her support and love for him despite his unappealing decisions.

CNN reported that Bieber was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, speeding and resisting arrest.

His court date stemming from the arrest was set for Friday. However, Bieber is not required to attend. This legal problem is on top of several other ones currently plaguing the teen singer.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons



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