Justine Davis can now go back to Canada for her son’s funeral

By Raquel Luster,

After a vehicular accident claimed her son’s life and injured her, Justine Davis can now leave Cuba and head back to Canada for the funeral.

According to the Sun News Network, Davis was not allowed to leave Cuba after the December 23 accident, where her 3-year-old son was killed, until now, said Canadian officials on Thursday.

She was in the hospital for several weeks, while her son’s body was transported to Canada. The funeral arrangements are for this Saturday, which Davis plans on attending.

NBC News reports, a Facebook page along with a petition that received 9,000 signatures were ways that Davis’ loved ones could relay to the Cuban government their growing concern about her return to Canada.

According to the Facebook page created by Davis’ friends and family, the mother of one was never charged with anything.

Davis has been in Cuba for seven weeks and the accident occurred during the beginning of her long stay in the country.



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