Kansas man returns to burning home to rescue his XBox

By Morgan Cox,

It’s nothing out of the ordinary to hear a story of a heroic act where someone returns to a burning building to rescue a family member or even a pet. Rushing into a horrific house fire to rescue your game console is a little different.

After a fire broke out one early morning last week, a Kansas man who is unnamed, as well as his roommate, were woken up to smoke alarms as their house began to catch fire.

Luckily enough, they both managed to escape the fire. However, one resident ran back into the home to rescue his most prized possession… his XBox. Doing so caused the man to suffer from smoke inhalation.

According to The Kansas Star, the two residents were examined and are both not injured.

Upon arrival, the firefighters were able to quickly control the disastrous fire.

NY Daily News stated that the fire is expected to have caused damage amounting to $80,000.

The cause of the fire is unknown and the incident is still being investigated.



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