Kanye West will not be charged for Beverly Hills assault

By Lola Odejobi,

The Los Angeles District Attorney has opted not to pursue charges against rapper Kanye West. West allegedly assaulted an 18-year-old for insulting his fiance, Kim Kardashian.

According to E! News, the LA District Attorney decided not to prosecute Kanye West due to the victim's refusal to cooperate with police. The unnamed victim didn't show up to a follow up interview with the police about the alleged assault.

Criminal defense attorney Troy Slaten told E! News that "If they don't have a cooperative victim, the case is harder to prosecute. If you have no victim, it would most likely get dismissed."

The Associated Press reports that Kanye reached a settlement with the victim.

The alleged assault happened at a Beverly Hills office building on Jan. 13. Kardashian was meeting West, and while she walked into the building, an 18-year-old man started screaming at her after he held a door open for her and called her a "ni**er lover."

The two ended up in a stairwell, where the man continued yelling at her. West came to her aid and allegedly beat the victim in a chiropractic office. West was not arrested.

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