Kate Upton receives an impromptu proposal

By Holly R. Bogardus,

Kate Upton is proposed to, but not by Justin Verlander. While at a basketball game Friday, the Orlando Magic mascot pops the question when Verlander leaves Upton unattended.

While watching a game between Oklahoma City Thunder and Orlando Magic, the couple was spotted by many. Kate was even photographed with her arm around Verlander, looking very cozy.

However, Verlander left Kate for few minutes. In a display no one anticipated, Orlando Magic mascot, Stuff the magic dragon, swooped in and popped the question, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Beating Justin Verlander to the punch, the mascot even pulled out a comically sized engagement ring to finish off the prank and make it official.

Thankfully, Verlander took the joke in good humor, and the trio posed together for a picture afterward. Stuff later tweeted that “she didn’t say yes…but she didn’t say no… so you’re saying there’s a chance!”

Upton, 21, is an American model and actress. She is most recognizable for her appearance in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

Kate Upton went public at a Super Bowl party recently about her relationship with on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Verlander, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. They have been described as being very close since then.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Peter Ko



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