Kristen Bell refuses to talk with media who run pictures of celebrity kids

By Andrew Wilson,

Frozen star Kristen Bell and her husband, Parenthood’s Dax Shepard, like many celebrities, are in the fight against the ever privacy-invasive paparazzi and are now taking the fight to the media outlets that condone, and even fuel, the paparazzi taking pictures of celebrity children.

According to Variety, Bell is declining interviews to certain outlets that are promoting in Los Angeles and New York while she is promoting the new Veronica Mars movie.

Bell is not shy either in her advocacy in stopping the paparazzi from taking celebrity kids’ pictures, even dubbing the act “pedorazzi.” With no outlet off-limits it seems, Bell recently took to Twitter, shunning E! News for showing celebrity kids’ photos.

This is just another step for the “Celebrity vs. Paparazzi” debate. The fight to protect the children of Hollywood stars went to court, with long-time advocates Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner leading the way, and actually had a California bill passed last year prohibiting the photographers to snap pictures of celebrities with their children without consent, according to the Associated Press. Those who break the law, which was made active in January, will face up to a year of jail time and a fine of up to $10,000, which would increase for repeat offenders.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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