Kristen Smith charged for kidnapping Wisconsin baby after pretending to be pregnant (Update)

By Rebekah Penner ,

Kristen Smith, who claimed she was pregnant, has been charged with the kidnapping of her step-nephew, 6-day-old, Kayden Powell.

The baby’s mother, 18-year-old Brianna Marshall, reported her son missing in Wisconsin early Thursday morning. Powell was later found alive on Friday wrapped in blankets and a tote bag at a gas station in Iowa as previously reported.

Despite minus 23 degree temperatures with wind chill, Powell was found healthy and fine.

Smith immediately became a person of interest after going missing the same time it was revealed that the newborn stolen away. She was arrested the same day for unrelated charges and police discovered she had a prosthetic belly, stroller and baby clothes among her things, according to USA Today.

She later told officials Friday where she had placed the baby, supplying police with a hand-drawn map. Smith also told police that she left the baby at the gas station before she was arrested.

In addition to the baby items found, police have discovered emails through her phone and Facebook posts claiming she had given birth Feb. 5. While in jail, Smith was given a pregnancy test, which came back negative.

Though the motives can be speculated, authorities say they don't yet know why she kidnapped Powell. Due to the kidnapping charges, Smith faces the possibility of life in prison.



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