Lack of yogurt interferes with routines of US Olympians

By Michelle Kapusta,

Some U.S. Olympians believe that the Chobani yogurt that has not been delivered to Sochi, Russia may break up their routines.

According to the Associated Press, U.S. halfpipe skier Aaron Blunck said on Friday that getting food from home benefits in feeling fit and healthy.

"And having the yogurt there, that helps you, gives you protein, gives you nutrition," he said.

However, Blunck’s teammate Lyman Currier disagrees. He said being an Olympian is dealing with the unexpected.

"We all have different routines before competing but I think that part of the sport is adapting," Currier said. "So whether we have our yogurt or not, we'll be able to adapt."

The Chobani yogurt now missing from the athlete's daily diet was expected to be shipped to Sochi, but Russian officials would not allow it in.

The yogurt, which is an official sponsor of the U.S. Olympic team, is now sitting in a climate-controlled warehouse in Newark, New Jersey, according to the Washington Post.

To be imported, it has to meet special food safety requirements.

image: Chobani official Facebook page



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