Lawsuit filed over 'Dallas Buyers Club' Internet piracy

By Kyle Johnson,

The rightsholder for Dallas Buyers Club, Dallas Buyers Club LLC, has filed a lawsuit against 31 people accused of illegally sharing copies of the movie.

Though Dallas Buyers Club LLC filed the lawsuit, studio Voltage Producers is also known for suing Internet pirates who share its films, like The Hurt Locker, reports Variety. They hope to get the Internet users identified and to likely settle with them out of court for a few thousand dollars.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of Texas, where the 31 defendants reside, according to "geolocation technology."

Lawsuits targeting many users for copyright infringement lawsuits are commonly known as "mass joinder" suits where the rights-owner hopes to get the court to subpoena internet service providers for personal information of those being accused. Then threatening letters are sent off in hopes of scaring the identified people to settle out of court.

THR notes that success of the suits often depend on the judge presiding over the case. Some are lenient and willing to let the lawsuits proceed, while others feel it is an "unseemly practice" and make them difficult.

Variety notes that these lawsuits are becoming less common, because they must be filed in the same district where the defendants live and ISPs are not always forthcoming on providing the necessary information.

image: EPK.TV



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