Lea Michele releases 'You're Mine' in honor of Corey Monteith

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Lea Michele is slowly releasing tracks off of her upcoming solo debut, Louder. The Glee star has now released a song in honor of her late boyfriend and fellow Glee cast mate, Corey Monteith.

The song is called "You're Mine" and is an upbeat, yet powerfully romantic retelling of their relationship. It is clear how much Michele truly loved Monteith.

Michele took to her personal Twitter to share the single with her fans.

"You're Mine" was recorded before Monteith's tragic death and was produced by Chris Braide, Ace Showbiz added.

Michele sings the touching lyrics over an upbeat backing track. "You're mine, for life," she sings. "And I'll be by your side, We are entwined. You're mine, for life. Hold me until we go, oh yes, and you will love. I'm yours, you're mine. I'm yours, you're mine."

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Michele explained that she added the track to her album at the last minute and that the single is dedicated to Monteith, Us Weekly reported.

Michele is back on the set of Glee and plans on releasing her album March 4.

Listen to the single here:

image: Wikimedia Commons



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