Lego responds to 7-year-old's letter about gender equality

By Rebecca Walezak,

The Lego company responded to a little girl’s letter to address her concerns of gender equality in their toys.

In her letter, Charlotte Benjamin, 7, expressed concern over the fact that there are fewer female Legos when compared to male Legos, Metro reports. In addition, she noted that the female Legos that are available are usually shopping or sitting at home, unlike the male Legos, who go on adventures and work.

According to Yahoo, the letter has been retweeted over 2,000 times and shared about 5,000 times on Facebook. The letter made its initial appearance on the website TheSocietyPages.org before appearing on their Twitter page.

After making a widespread appearance over the media, Lego responded to the little girl’s letter, saying that “LEGO play has often been more appearing to boys. While there are still more male characters than female, we have added new characters to the LEGO world to better balance the appeal of our themes.”

According to MNN, this isn’t the first time Lego has been addressed in relation to gender equality. When their line “Friends” first came out, it was the center point of much controversy.

Image:Wikimedia Commons



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