Lena Dunham was once fired from HBO

By Joy Perrone,

Before she was the writer and superstar of HBO's Girls, Lena Dunham was a regular actor - and she got fired from an HBO show!

Lena Dunham, writer and star of HBO's Girls, did a recent interview with Grantland's Bill Simmons, where she opened up about a variety of topics, such as her recent controversy with Jezebel and her start as a beginning actor. Dunham talked about getting a role on HBO's 2011 miniseries, Mildred Pierce.

Was she a star? Hardly. "I got fired off the one day I did," she says. "Fired might be a rough word but I got sweetly dismissed." Dunham was hired for the role of "Nurse 1" according to her IMDb page. Dunham reveals that she wasn't sure if she should do an accent for the period drama, and with the advice of her mom decided to "just go for it." The results from her lack of preparation? Disastrous. "You could just see everybody's face drop," Lena says of her moment to shine, but mercifully, director Todd Haynes "could not have been sweeter" about firing her from the set.

Dunham, revealing that she is just as susceptible to bad memories as everyone else, brought up when the dialect coach for Mildred Pierce was then hired to work on season 3 of Girls. Upon seeing the familiar face, Lena says she "had like a full P.T.S.D. reaction. I couldn't take it because she was the bearer of such negative memories for me."

Luckily for Lena, her awful first experience with HBO didn't stop them from picking up her Golden Globe-winning show!

image: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone



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