Leonardo DiCaprio has crotch grabbed on the red carpet

By Joy Perrone,

Leonardo DiCaprio was the victim of a crotch-grabbing prankster on the red carpet in Santa Barbara.

Leo was attending the Santa Barbara International Film Festival when he was suddenly attacked by Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukrainian reporter with the station 1 + 1, reports Entertainment Wise. The video of the prank shows Leo walking the red carpet amidst flashing lights and yelling reporters when Sediuk appears and kneels in front of the famous actor. To his credit, Leo looks amused as his press and security team rush to pull the reporter off of his crotch:

Sediuk is notorious for pranking celebrities on the red carpet, including Adele and Bradley Cooper. In 2012 he made headlines for attempting to kiss Will Smith at the Moscow premier of Men in Black: 3, reports TMZ. To the surprise of everyone, Smith was not amused by the smooch and slapped the reporter in the face.

Luckily for Sediuk, Leo found the situation humorous instead of insulting!

Photo: Image.net



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