Leopard on the loose in Indian city of Meerut, seven hurt

By Michelle Kapusta,

Seven people, including a policeman, were injured by a leopard that has been on the loose in the Indian city of Meerut, just northeast of the capital city of New Delhi.

According to CNN, local forest official Sushant Sharma said on Tuesday that the leopard was found in a local timber shop before it was cornered in a hospital and animal control experts were called in to tranquilize it.

However, the big cat was not about to give up and escaped his would-be capturers by jumping through a window.

The leopard injured seven people in a crowd that had gathered to see wildlife officers try to catch and subdue the animal.

The cat had been running wild all over the northern Indian city. After its shop and hospital visit, it prowled through a cinema and an apartment block.

The Hindustan Times reported that schools and markets were forced to close while the animal was in the area.

Authorities have since lost track of the leopard and believe it may have wondered back into the forest, although they are still on the lookout for any sign of it.



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