Liam Hemsworth skateboards in Atlanta alongside fan

By Amy Michura,

Last week, Liam Hemsworth took a break from filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part II while in Atlanta and decided to skateboard at the Brooke Run Skate Park.

Hemsworth, who was reportedly there with two friends, was greeted by some young fans, including Instagram user @ninjanick30.

“He was with two guys, not sure who they were, and he was wearing just jeans and a T-shirt,” the Instagram user told E! News. “He was there for maybe an hour.”

Upon meeting him, Hemsworth did have one small request for the boy.

“He just told us to not make a big deal because he didn’t want people to show up,” the source said. The request did not seem to have an effect on the boy as he confirmed that Hemsworth “was nice to me and in a good mood.”

While Hemsworth was there, the boy was able to not only get a picture with the Hunger Games star, but he was also able to get his skateboard autographed by him as well.

In his recent outings in Atlanta, Hemsworth was also spotted at a bar with Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev. But the young skateboarder noted that the actress wasn't there, just his two acquaintances.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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