Man found alive after 16 months lost at sea

By Francisco Flores,
Jose Ivan found in the Marshall Islands after disappearing at sea in 2012

A man was found alive on a Pacific Ocean reef Thursday after 16 months lost at sea.

According to AFP, The man was apparently heading for El Salvador after leaving Mexico, but strayed off and got lost. He was traveling with a friend who unfortunately passed away months before being found. They had left Mexico in September 2012 by boat and have been out at sea ever since.

The man, Jose Ivan, sailed on his boat which is made of fiberglass and is only 24 feet long. He had no propeller, fishing gear or means of knowing where he was or where he was heading. He survived off of birds, turtles and fish, which he is believed to have caught with his bare hands, according to The Guardian. Since he only speaks Spanish, much of his story is still unknown as two locals of the Marshall Islands found him.

His condition was said to be stable, but was very weak. He is currently under the care of a local family. The island is so small, there is only one phone line, and so communication with his homeland is currently in the process.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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