Manhunt has been issued for Leopoldo Lopez, a Venezuelan opposition leader

By Alicia Mayle,

On Saturday, President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela announced that police were searching for Leopoldo Lopez, an opposition leader, after an arrest warrant was issued on February 12.

Lopez is supposedly behind the anti-government demonstrations where three people have been killed, two of which were University students.

Juan Requesen, a student leader at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, told The Wall Street Journal that, "We are not going to give in or kneel. We are going to continue in the streets, fighting for Venezuelans and the youths who want a democratic country, with free media that aren't censored or self-censored, with justice and equity.”

To stifle the protests, President Maduro canceled all metro and bus services in Chacao, where the demonstrations have been held recently. Police have also used tear gas on the students who rally in demonstration.

According to Reuters, Lopez told them that, "The government is playing the violence card, and not for the first time. They're blaming me without any proof ... I have a clear conscience because we called for peace.” Lopez was at his home in Chacao with his lawyers, where he was once mayor.

One of the three people that were killed was a well-known colectivo leader.



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