Marvel releases short clip of 'Guardians of the Galaxy's' Rocket Raccoon speaking (Video)

By Kyle Johnson,

When the trailer for Marvel's latest superhero flick The Guardians of the Galaxy premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and online, people were both happy with what they saw, but also curious about Rocket Raccoon since the trailer featured no speaking moments for the character.

Marvel decided to please fans and has released a short 28-second clip that reveals Rocket speaking, even if it's only just one line, reports TheWrap.

The character, obviously voiced by actor Bradley Cooper says one short line: "This one's here our booty."

The overall clip doesn't show really show any new footage that didn't appear in the premiere trailer, with the exception of the one line. Leading up to the spoken line, the clip shows director James Gunn talking about Rocket and afterwards Cooper notes that he has "some real anger issues."

The first trailer, which has been out for a couple days now, showed off the more comedic aspects of the film as they are shown being captured, getting into a lineup and meeting others in their prison lockup.

image: Screenshot



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