Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says he’s open to running for President

By Daniel S Levine,

It seems like standard practice for former Massachusetts governors to make a run for the White House after they leave office and Gov. Deval Patrick may follow in the footsteps of many of his predecessors. The Democrat said during an interview this weekend that he is open to running for the Oval Office.

When asked by Politico is he was interested, Patrick said, “Maybe. Maybe.”

“That’s a decision I have to make along with my wife of 30 years, and she’s a tough one to convince,” Patrick told Politico. “Let’s just see what time tells.”

Patrick has previously said that he would not run in 2016. According to CBS Boston, he has already said that he does not plan on running for a third term as Massachusetts governor.

Patrick, who was in Washington for the National Governors Association meeting, was just the second African-American elected to a state governor’s office. He gave a well received speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention and was also brought to the national spotlight last year after the Boston Marathon bombings.

During the interview with Politico, Patrick stressed that he has no concrete plans for running for office, but he did say that he likes to serve. “I also like coming and going, you know, because I think that my private-sector life has contributed to how I think about public-sector challenges and what I do in the public sector,” he said.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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