Matteo Renzi to take position as prime minister of Italy

By Rebecca Walezak,

Florence mayor Matteo Renzi is going to be Italy’s youngest prime minister in history next week.

The political leader received the spot after former Prime Minister, Enrico Letta, was forced to resign on Friday, Reuters reports. Letta, who was in office for less than a year, resigned after Renzi suggested that the government needed a fresh start.

Renzi, 39, will remain the prime minister until 2018. Renzi will spend the next few days going through the process of starting to head Italy’s government.

Renzi, who is on the center-left side of government, must work with the New center-right party to build the new government.

NCD leader Angelino Alfano spoke on the matter, saying, “We have very clear and concrete ideas on what the policy platform must be. If the ambition of the new government is great, the new cannot do things in a rush.”

According to The Guardian, Renzi is a new chance for the Italian government, as a man who has remained uncorrupted. Renzi hopes to have more politicians who are searching for reform to join his team.

image: Wikimedia Commons

Upcoming Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.



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