Mercury the kitten won't let lack of front legs stop him (Video)

By Victoria Greene,

A kitten who lost his two front legs after an accident with a weed whacker is showing promising improvement.

“We believe he was hit with a weed whacker since people in the neighborhood had been doing yard work in tall grass shortly before he was found," Mercury's owners said. "He was taken to our vet, his wounds were cleaned up, and we were then called to care for him since we do a lot of bottle babies and special needs kitties for rescues. We fed him around the clock, and cleaned his wounds multiple times a day until they fully closed over.”

Mercury's right arm stops just before where his elbow would be and his left arm extends slightly after it, they explain. His front limbs reportedly cause him no pain. His left rear foot only has one toe, according to the Daily Mail.

In the photos on his Facebook page, Raising Mercury, Mercury can be seen bouncing about and living his life as any other kitten would despite being differently-abled. He relies on his hind legs for strength and has developed well.

“As he has grown we worked on different aspects of movement with him - pushing himself with his back legs, balancing in an upright position, jumping from various positions, moving on different surfaces, jumping from one place to another and so on,” his owners said.

Because Mercury does not have 40 percent of his front paws intact or working joints, he is not a candidate for prosthetics. His veterinarian may try a wheelchair on him when he’s big enough, but that may not work because his chest muscles are not very developed and his owners know he doesn’t like harnesses, which would be necessary for the wheelchair.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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