Mia Martina:Interview with Canadian singer/songwriter

By Andrew Wilson,

The Canadian singing sensation Mia Martina started as an intern at the record label that now handles her singing career. Courageously handing a demo tape to her boss, her recording career began, and hasn’t stopped. She released a cover of the hit “Stereo Love”, which quickly got recognition from the music industry, and a nomination for Dance Single of the Year from Canada’s Juno Awards. A year later, the multi-language singer released “Latin Moon” reaching Gold status in sales, and rereleased the song in French and Spanish. The dance-pop songstress released her first album Devotion in the summer of 2011, leading to more notable singles and nominations.

Dubbed the Canadian Kylie Minogue, the international beauty recently spoke with us about her new dance hit “La La…Danse” with singer/rapper Dev, the advantage of having worked for a label, and no matter how hard we tried, she resisted on giving us the scoop on the name of her new album due out in June.

TheCelebrityCafe.com: Congratulations, I just read your song “La La…Danse” debuted at No. 50 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs. How excited are you?

Mia Martina: It’s good! We’re feeling really good about it. I’m happy that people are loving the song, they want to dance with me. It’s very good energy, very positive.

TCC: Is the song a good representation of what the rest of the album will sound like?

MM: Um…it’s partial, yes. There’s that fun dance vibe, then there is a little bit more of a darker side. I would say more pop-ballad driven, so I’d say a good mix of both genres. It’s different.

TCC: You got your start interning at the record label. Was that been an advantage, working inside the label then getting signed as an artist?

MM: Definitely! You know, when you work for a record label, you get to see how things are done behind the scenes, and it taught me a lot. It taught me what to look out for, and it taught me that you really have to grind and work, because nothing gets handed to you. You really have to put your time and your hours into it. I’m very fortunate to have learned that before, otherwise I would just sit in the studio and think everything comes so easy, but it doesn’t work that way (laughs).

TCC: So you knew going in how much hard work goes into it…

MM: Yes, a lot of hard work, and actually a lot of patience. It takes a lot of patience to make your dreams into reality. The journey is always exciting.

TCC: I know you’re a big Bruno Mars fan, did you catch his performance during the Super Bowl?

MM: Yes, I did, I loved it.

TCC: You’ve said in recent interviews, much like Bruno Mars, you are a songwriter as well. Who would you like to collaborate or write with?

MM: I’d love to write with Bruno Mars actually, he’s writes great lyrics and he’s definitely one of my favorite songwriters. As far as anyone else, I like to work with anyone who is a writer; every artist has something special about them, so I like to write with anyone that comes my way. I love it, because at the end of the day, I just love making music and love having that energy and making a connection.

TCC: How close are you finished with the new album? And can you tell us the title?

MM: Very close. We are getting things wrapped up as we speak in Miami, and it should be finished before June. We do have a title but I’m not allowed to say (laughs). I haven’t been allowed yet. I’m dying (laughs).

TCC: Can you tell me if the title of the album is one of the songs or just a separate title by itself?

MM: Hmmm…I can’t. (Laughs) I can’t, it will give it all away! I’m going to get a phone call from the boss!

TCC: When is the next single coming out?

MM: The next single should be out by March.

TCC: Lastly, have you made touring plans yet?

MM: Yes, definitely, we have a big year ahead. We’re planning a big international tour, and also a U.S. tour, and I’m really looking forward to that. I’ve been wanting to tour the U.S. for a while now; I’m excited to see my fans, meet them and sing for them.

Additional congratulations to Mia Martina who was just nominated for a 2014 Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year for her single “Heartbreaker.” We expect to hear a lot more from, and about her in the future.

Website: www.miamartina.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiaMartinaCP
Twitter: @MiaMartina
Instagram: realmiamartina

Photo courtesy of Susan Blonde Inc.



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