Miami-Dade county judge ruled he will review 10 hours of Justin Bieber jail footage to determine its release

By Gina DiFalco,

Following Thursday’s hearing over the release of Justin Bieber’s surveillance video after his January arrest, a Florida judge has ruled he will review the footage to determine if portions of it should be sealed.

As we previously reported, the AP and other news outlets were requesting for the footage to be made public, which Bieber’s lawyers were fighting.

According to the Associated Press, Miami-Dade judge William Altfield said he will review the footage, which is about 10 hours long, of the 19-year-old pop star after his Jan. 23 arrest for DUI, driving without a valid license and resisting arrest.

Deanna Shullman, an attorney for various media outlets, said in the hearing, "The right of privacy cannot trump the right of access to public records. My clients have no interest in showing Mr. Bieber’s private parts. You have to redact that and release the rest.”

However, Bieber’s lawyer Howard Srebnick said, "There’s no reason why the media should make a spectacle of that event.”

Included in the footage is Bieber urinating in a cup. Srebnick called it “insulting” that the judge would even consider releasing the footage with Bieber’s private parts censored.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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