Michigan woman arrested after shooting at McDonald's drive-thru window

By Brady Kirkland,

A Grand Rapids woman was taken into custody Monday morning, after she responded to a botched McDonald’s order with violence.

According to ABC News 13, the altercation occurred at about 3 am when a pair of women returned to the McDonald’s drive-thru to sort out an error in their order. When an employee repeated the mistake, a single shot was fired at the window. None of the employees were harmed in the incident.

Police tell CBS News 3 that it was the passenger who fired the gun.

When the mistake was initially made, the driver left a phone number and asked to be contacted by the restaurant’s manager. Police later found the two women by way of that phone number.

The shooter currently remains under arrest, while the driver has since been let go by police.

Names of those involved in the incident have not been released.



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