Miley Cyrus kicks off her Bangerz Tour twerking in front of dancer dressed as Bill Clinton

By Jessica Zysberg,

Singer Miley Cyrus began her much anticipated world tour at Rogers Arena in Canada on Feb. 14.

Cyrus came on stage by sliding down a giant slide in the shape of a tongue. As earlier reported by Rolling Stone, There was a 50-foot screen which had a video of Cyrus’ head, the mouth was opening and closing as well as eyes moving. As the mouth opened, a giant tongue (slide) appeared. Then Cyrus came out of the mouth and slid down the “tongue.”

During the show, there were unique moments that gave the fans a one of a kind experience. Throughout the show, fans were able to purchase souvenirs such as t-shirts and tour books, as well as, official rolling papers. The rolling papers were $40 a pack and included 24 karat sheets.

During Cyrus’ first encore, She sang the hit “We Can’t Stop.” One of her dancers was dressed as a joint and just in case the joint burnt out, she had other dancers dressed up as life-size lighters.

In addition to the giant joint, Daily News reported that she was twerking with one of the dancers, while he was dressed up as former president Bill Clinton. Cyrus proceeded to dance on stage in a blinged out patriotic outfit, while dancers were clothed in historic monuments such as the Liberty Bell and Mount Rushmore.

Image Courtesy of YouTube



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