Missouri proposes bill to make 'high five' official state greeting

By Morgan Cox,

The “high five” is on its way to becoming to official state greeting for the state of Missouri. Missouri State House Representative Courtney Allen Curtis has proposed the bill to make it an official state symbol.

The bill reads: “The ‘high five’ is selected for and shall be known as the official state greeting in the state of Missouri.”

“The high five is friendly, fun, and can lift spirits,” Curtis said.

According to KMOV, Missouri has several other state symbols already, which range from state dinosaur to state dessert.

"It’s something that I actually do on the floor on a regular basis, I just walk around giving my colleagues high-fives to promote a friendly environment and to make sure that, were connected so we can actually do the work of the state,” Curtis told FOX 4 News.

Although the proposed bill appears to be for a good cause, it is not getting as much of a positive reaction as legislation would hope for.

“It just doesn’t seem like something to me that it’s something to spend money on,” said Yvette Hanigan.

The bill has already been claimed as one of the silliest bills proposed in Missouri.

Curtis responded to the negativity by stating that “if it brings the tension down a little bit, no it’s not silly.”



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