Moby to guest DJ at Pete Tong’s residency

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Moby is known for his musical skills and being outspoken about animal rights. Moby has also become an unexpected spokesperson for the city of L.A. The talented musician will be combining his passion when he makes a guest appearance on March 7 as a guest DJ during Pete Tong's new residency at the Sound Nightclub.

Moby is helping to lead the unofficial welcome wagon for Tong. He recently spoke about his upcoming guest DJ spot. "The last time I played with Pete Tong was a few years ago in London. I’m really excited to play with him 6,000 miles away in L.A. at this cool, intimate club," said Moby.

As a guest DJ Moby will be donating his fee to the No Kill Los Angeles animal shelter along with a portion of the proceeds from the evening, Billboard reported.

Tong is thrilled to be working with Moby as well. "Moby and I have crossed paths many times during our careers but rarely have I gotten to DJ with him. Even better as he lives just up the road," said Tong.

Moby is a current resident of L.A. and has been working on music and released a new album while living in the city of angels, Innocents, The Independent reported.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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