Montana prosecutor tells mother after child’s rape, 'Boys will be boys'

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Montana prosecutor has come under fire after he reportedly offered the mother of a rape victim a truly awful and insensitive explanation as to why the rape happened.

According to the New York Daily News, the report claims the attorney told the 5-year-old victim’s mother that “boys will be boys” after her daughter was raped by an adolescent boy.

The Missoulian reports the Department of Justice has released a report on the investigation of the handling of sexual assault cases by Fred Van Valkenburg and his office.

The report alleges that the Missoula County Attorney has developed quite a reputation with victims of sex crimes.

The report also reveals another one of Valkenburg’s unbelievable comments when he told a woman she only wanted revenge and suggested not prosecuting her assault.

“We uncovered evidence of a disturbing pattern of deficiencies in the handling of these cases by the County Attorney’s Office, a pattern that not only denies victims meaningful access to justice, but places the safety of all women in Missoula at risk,” said Jocelyn Samuels, acting assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.

Van Valkenburg alleges the report is retribution and filed a lawsuit days before the report was released arguing the DOJ doesn't have authority over his office.



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