More people are reading Facebook posts than the Bible

By Francisco Flores,
Over 57 percent of adults are Facebook Users

More Facebook posts are read daily than the Bible. Though that seems pretty shocking, it also makes sense as Facebook currently has over 757 million daily users on its servers.

The social networking website has come a long way since its dorm room days. Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday this week. According to the Associated Press, a poll conducted found that only 40 million US citizens are reading the Bible daily.

Apart from those staggering numbers, almost 400 billion photos have been shared through Facebook.

The site’s usual makeovers usually lead massive boycotts to undo the changes. Eventually, people give up and accept the new changes.

The website has recently been under fire for its constant changes regarding its privacy. The Washington Post reported on the changes this past fall. Users must now go item by item and check off what they want shown and what they want to stay private. This becomes a major problem as photos, posts, links, and many other interactive features can show private information.

Regardless of its flaws, Facebook continues to dominate the social media market. Approximately 57 percent of American adults use Facebook and the number is sure to increase as the site becomes a staple in American society.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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