NASA to create coldest temperatures on the International Space Station

By Rebekah Penner ,

NASA is currently working to create the coldest location in the universe.

The Cold Atom Lab is a project led by Project Science that will lower temperatures to 100-pico-Kelvin in the International Space Station, reported Guardian Liberty Voice .

The International Space Station has been chosen, as little gravitational pull is present allowing for cooler temperatures than on Earth. The project is set to begin in 2016.

Researchers are hoping to be able to study matter near temperatures at absolute zero where all thermal motion is said to stop and no longer be relevant. The Cold Atom Lab will thus create conditions equivalent to one ten-billionth of a degree above higher than absolute zero.

The first step will be to analyze Bose-Einstein Condensates, which will dilute gases of bosons cooled to almost absolute-zero, according to Women Citizen.

The goal of the study is to possibly discover new forms of matter other than gases, solids, and liquids at the cold temperature and thus better will allow for a better understanding of the quantum matter.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons



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