NBC replaces Bob Costas with Matt Lauer for Sochi Olympics broadcast

By Michelle Kapusta,

NBC will be replacing Olympics primetime host Bob Costas, who is battling an eye infection with Today host Matt Lauer for Tuesday night’s broadcast.

According to USA Today Sports, Costas announced Tuesday morning that his eye infection, which has now spread to both eyes, will force him to miss the primetime broadcast.

Costas called Lauer Tuesday morning and gave him the news.

“We’re going to the bullpen,” Costas told him, “and you’re Mariano Rivera.”

The Washington Post notes that this will be the first time since 1988 that Costas will not host the Olympic telecasts.

Viewers first became aware of the 61-year-old’s eye infection when he came on the air during the opening ceremonies with glasses and an obvious red irritation in one eye.

Social media started to buzz about it. And as the Olympics progressed so did his infection, leaving Costas to reference and joke about the unavoidable with Mary Carillo during Monday night’s broadcast, while taking a shot of vodka.

No word from NBC yet if Lauer will fill in for Costas any other nights.

image: NBC



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