NCAA Football Rules Committee looking to slow down offenses

By Thomas Leone,

The NCAA Football Rules Committee has passed a rule that will dramatically change the way many of the top teams in the nation play on offense.

The rule, which still needs final approval, will require offenses to wait 10 seconds to snap the ball so as to allow defenses a chance to substitute players in and out of the game when needed, according to USA Today. Getting rid of the fast-paced, up-tempo offenses that many teams in the NCAA run.

Many coaches around the country have spoken out against the rule. Arizona's coach, Rich Rodriguez said that he believes the rule is ridiculous and that it takes away the advantages the offense has against the defense.

The goal of the new rule is to make the game safer for the players, stating that with more plays in a game there is a higher risk of getting injured.

Although there are a lot of coaches around the nation that are strongly against the proposed rule, some coaches are speaking out in favor of the proposal. Alabama's head coach, Nick Saban, and Arkansas', Bret Bielema, voiced their support for the proposed rule, according to The Associated Press.

There are some exceptions to the rule though. The rule will allow offenses to snap the ball as soon as it wants to when there is less than two minutes left in the second and fourth quarters.

The proposal will be go up for a final vote by the playing rules oversight panel on March 6.

It will be interesting to see whether this rule will be approved and hear the reactions of the opposing coaches.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.



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