'NCIS' recap: Monsters and Men 2/4

By Elizabeth Learned,
Rule #11- When the job is done, walk away

The last recap led us into reruns of NCIS before we could find out what happened to Parsa. When the team last left off, Tim’s girlfriend was in the hospital while Ellie worked furiously on trying to figure out Parsa’s next move.

The episode starts with Ellie at the batting cages, where her NSA supervisor, Jeremy Marlens, meets her. They talk about Ellie’s involvement in the search for Parsa. He doesn’t believe she should be handling the case, whereas Ellie is determined to do her job as was assigned to her. It’s not like the last time, at least according to Ellie, but we don’t know what “it” is yet. Marlens wonders if Gibbs knows, but Ellie shrugs it off. When Marlens begins complaining about the cold weather, something clicks in Ellie’s head and she rushed off.

In the squad room, Tony appears to be in a very good mood thanks to Mighty Aphrodite’s Moisturizing Bath Beads. Apparently it exfoliates very well, making Tim wish he never asked why Tony was in such a good mood. Gibbs enters to tell them Port Authority found a body and the clothing matches that of the bodyguard they’ve been searching for.

Just as they are about to leave, Ellie comes rushing in to tell Gibbs and co. she knows where Parsa is. The anniversary of his parents’ death is on February 6th, and Gibbs surmises he’s going back to where it all started in Pakistan. Ellie presents this information to Gibbs and Vance, telling them activity on Parsa’s movements stop during the period of time around February 6th.

She explains that most likely, Parsa’s parents are buried in the Swat District and she believes he would take Bahrain Road to get to the Swat District. Just as Vance is about to get the other agencies to call in their experts, Ellie reveals that she would be the expert on Parsa, since she has been on the case for six years. This information leaves Gibbs stunned.

In the morgue, Ducky is trying to get the frozen body ready for autopsy. Tony comes down, but is unable to get identification yet. There is evidence a gunshot wound to the neck is what killed the victim.

In the squad room, Tim tells Ellie Parsa’s sister, Hayat, is meeting him outside of Karachi, but this doesn’t make sense to Ellie. When Tim is about to tell Gibbs what’s going on, Gibbs interrupts to talk to Ellie. Gibbs confronts her over withholding what she knew about Parsa. Despite Ellie saying it was confidential, Gibbs isn’t sure he can trust her. She reminds him they only have 48 hours to find Parsa or they have to start all over and he needs to trust her.



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