Neil Young is releasing his second memoir

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Neil Young is writing a second memoir about cars and his opinion on the environment

Shortly after Buffalo Springfield member Neil Young’s release of his eccentric memoir, Waging Heavy Peace, he has decided to pen a second book.

This time, the story will focus on Young’s die-hard love for vehicles along with his recent interest in being an environmental activist, according to Billboard.

The book will hit the shelves this fall and is currently unnamed.

"An avid car enthusiast, Young will showcase the cars he’s owned throughout his life and the stories associated with them. He will also discuss his dedication to clean energy and his recent awareness of the environmental impact the emissions of his past cars had on the environment," said Young’s publisher, as reported by Rolling Stone.

As an added bonus, each book will include personal sketches and tracings from Young. His 2012 novel, Waging Heavy Peace took a diary-like approach that highlighted certain times in his life, although they may seem like they're told in a random order.

March 11 will mark the debut of Young’s digital audio format in Austin, Texas. He is also said to perform a few acoustic shows in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theater, before heading off to Europe to tour with Crazy Horse.

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