Netflix and Comcast reach important agreement for online content streaming

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Netflix recently made a deal with Comcast to stream shows online. It is an important deal as Netflix continues to devise strategies to bring movies and television to Internet Service Providers.

According to the Associated Press, Netflix is creating a direct connection to customers that will allow more growth for site traffic. This makes for a better way to communicate and makes watching TV and movies a breeze.

Customers previously had to go through a third party provider to watch their favorite television shows and movies. In the new agreement, Netflix will deliver its movies and TV programs to Comcast’s network. According to Reuters, the companies have been working together to create a multi-year agreement. This is an important agreement for Comcast, which is currently in the process of acquiring Time Warner Cable for $45 billion.

Netflix is not going to receive any preferential treatment with the deal. Comcast isn’t the only broadband service provider engaged in talks with Netflix.

The streamlining video service has also reached agreements with Cablevision and Cox.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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