New York caretaker admits to smacking and beating a child before his death

By Victoria Greene,

A New York caretaker accused of beating a 4-year-old to death has admitted to smacking the child and beating him with a belt.

Four-year-old Myls Dobson was left in Kryzie King’s care after his father, Okee Wade, was sent to prison in December for fraud. According to CBS New York, King was Wade’s girlfriend.

King is accused of beating, burning and torturing the boy before his death. She allegedly beat him with the metal belt buckle, which she claims was accidental; she stated she grabbed the wrong end of the belt before beginning to beat him.

According to the New York Daily News, King admitted she put the 4-year-old in a corner for three hours for being "disrespectful." While he was standing in the corner, Myls said he, “didn’t know why no one loved me and everyone tried to give me away.” After hearing this, King reportedly smacked the child in the face.

King initially told police she put Myls on a bathroom counter and left the room for a short while, during which time he fell and landed in an empty bathtub, which resulted in his death.

Myls was removed from his mother’s care in 2011 for neglect.

King is charged with first-degree assault for Myls’ Jan. 8 death.



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