New York family plans to move to Arizona to treat their 9-month-old with medical marijuana

By Rebecca Walezak,

A New York family is preparing to move to Arizona so they can treat their 9-month-old child with medical marijuana.

ABC News reports that the Joe and Brittany Wertman have tried multiple medicines to try and treat their son Joey’s seizures, but have been unsuccessful. The child, who has epilepsy, deals with many spasms a day.

The family sees this as a last resort, but since medical marijuana is not legal in New York, they plan to move to Arizona to try and treat their son. They plan to move next month.

According to WKBW-TV, an ABC 7 associate, the Wertman’s plan to have their son Joey take the medical marijuana in powdered form so it can simply be added to his food.

Medical marijuana in Arizona will only be distributed to individuals under 18 in special circumstances. Back in October of 2013, a family sued for the right to treat their son with marijuana, according to Raw Story. The family claims it was the only treatment that worked for their son’s severe seizures.

ALCU attorney Emma Andersson stated that parents should not have to fear jail time when deciding what the best medical assistance is for their children.



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