New York mayor, Bill de Blasio, speaks on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

By Amanda Levine,

Probably the best moment from last night's The Daily Show With Jon Stewart was when featured guest of the night, New York mayor Bill de Blasio, made his appearance. Not only was the mayor in humorous spirits but he was an overall positive presence on the show.

One of the first things Stewart brought up when De Blasio came onstage was the flack that the mayor had recently received for eating his pizza with a knife and fork, which is a big rookie mistake in the state of New York.

Stewart, not surprisingly, was prepared and had a giant delivery box of pizza under his desk that he pulled out to share with the mayor.

The mayor had comedic timing of his own, stating, “As mayor of Napoli — I mean, New York City — we are always ready for our pizza," to which he promptly pulled out a knife and fork from his suit-jacket pocket. The audience, although mostly all New Yorkers, laughed hysterically. However, the mayor proved himself to be a “true” New Yorker and ate the pizza with his hands in the folded New York style of eating a slice of pizza.

Not only did Stewart give de Blasio some good spirited hard times about the pizza, he also brought the mayor a Big Gulp. If one remembers, the previous mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, had attempted to ban the overly large sodas. As Stewart sipped on his regular, large sized Big Gulp, de Blasio sipped on his as well but he had a small cup that said Big Gulp on it.

Some of the other topics that were included in the interview was the constant snow storms that have been plaguing the city for the past month. De Blasio stated that that this was the third snow storm he has had to deal with in his term as mayor so far. He went on to say that Bloomberg never had to deal with snow storms during his years as mayor.

"I think he paid the right guy," de Blasio said. "I mean, he has the money."

Stewart and de Blasio’s strong liberal opinions blended well together when they talked together during the interview as they could easily bounced back and forth and make jokes together.

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