NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell earned $44 million last year

By Laura Hundemer,

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was paid $44 million for a year’s worth of work starting in 2012 and ending March 2013. This hefty salary puts him among the highest paid executives of not only sports but of all nonprofit companies.

As the league brings in over $10 billion a year, it is clear that the funds are there, but what is unclear is why the commissioner gets so much of that. This salary is 50 percent higher than his salary for the previous year.

However, according to The Baltimore Sun, owners Arthur Blank, Robert Kraft, and Jerry Richardson said, “Goodell's compensation reflects our pay-for-performance philosophy and is appropriate given the fact that the NFL under his consistently strong leadership continues to grow."

Although the NFL is considered a nonprofit organization, Goodell’s salary still ranks highly when compared to for-profit executive salaries. To put it in perspective, according to The New York Times, Walmart CEO Michael T. Duke was paid a salary of $20 million, although his company is the nation’s largest private employer that produces sales of about $470 billion.

image: By SSG Teddy Wade [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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