Niall Horan stuck in elevator after BRIT Awards

By Morgan Cox,

Niall Horan of One Direction had a not so lucky incident after the BRIT Awards on Wednesday.

For band member Harry, it was quite a funny situation, but for Niall, who is claustrophobic, being stuck in an elevator for four minutes is nothing he would ever laugh about.

According to STV Entertainment, the elevator at The Arts Club, where several BRIT Awards attendees were attending an after party, got stuck while moving between floors. The party was being held for the members of One Direction.

“Security were frantically trying to get the lift working again but the emergency alarm was down and it simply wouldn’t budge. Everyone was trapped and getting increasingly hot and bothered. Once it was eventually moving again, the management were very apologetic. The lift was briefly closed down while repairs were made," an unnamed source told Daily Mirror.

The Examiner reported that Horan's panicking became elevated until the lift was moving again.

Although security worked at keeping people from taking any photos or videos while being trapped in the elevator, a video was posted on the Daily Mirror.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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