Nuclear power plant unharmed in South Carolina earthquake

By Rebekah Penner ,

An earthquake hit Edgefield, S.C., with a magnitude of 4.1 approximately 25 miles away from Augusta, Ga. Friday night. In the wake of the earthquake, nuclear plant, Plant Vogtle, located in Waynesboro on the outskirts of Augusta, was inspected and found to have suffered no problems.

After doing a walkthrough of the plant, officials reported the nuclear plant was clear according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“The plant is built in a robust manner to withstand seismic activity and shock absorption,” Georgia Power spokesman Brian Green said. “It didn’t have any issues. The plant is operating at 100 percent.”

The plant is one of the utilities two nuclear facilities and powers up to 500,000 homes.

This was the strongest earthquake to occur in South Carolina since a 4.4 quake hit 2002 as previously reported.

No injuries or damages had been reported as a result of the earthquake however it was strong enough to send tremors into Georgia and Tennessee. The earthquake was very shallow and found to be about three miles deeps.



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